Cheap Train Tickets to Oxford

Oxford, known as the 'City of Dreaming Spires,' is world-renowned for its colleges and universities, steeped in history, and is only a short distance from London by train. Why not purchase cheap train tickets from our website to get there?

Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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For centuries, the city has been home to royalty and scholars. In more modern times, the city is a bustling hub, with its blend of ancient and modern, offering plenty of activities. Whether it's visiting historic buildings, colleges, or museums, enjoying a drink or meal, or indulging in retail therapy, there is truly something for everyone in this city.

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Getting around Oxford

Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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The small-town feel persists in many parts of the city, and one of the best ways to explore Oxford is by foot. There are numerous public spaces where you can walk, and taking various walks is a great way to get to know the city and learn about its history and culture.

Cycling is a popular form of transport within the city, with many city centre streets closed or partly closed to motor vehicles. You can hire a bike from cycle shops throughout the city or a self-service Brompton dock conveniently located at Oxford railway station.

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If you prefer not to walk or cycle, Oxford has an excellent bus network within the city, and there are taxi ranks at Oxford Railway Station and St Giles' in the city centre.

Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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Discover Oxford from the water with punting. Situated underneath Magdalen College Tower, you can hire punts for groups of up to 5 people and even a chauffeur, with the option of a picnic basket on request - Oxford Punting.

Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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Some Great Things to do in Oxford

Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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Cheap train tickets to OxfordPitt Rivers Musuem, Oxford | Image credit: lightshows | Getty Images Signature

Places to eat in Oxford

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Fine Dining

Parsonage Grill - 1-3 Banbury Road, Oxford, OX2 6NN Famous for its intimate atmosphere and beautiful outdoor dining area, this restaurant showcases a stunning collection of eclectic oil paintings, mainly portraits of well-known writers and artists. They use locally sourced produce, cooked simply to create classic British dishes with a modern touch.

Eastgate Brasserie - 73 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BE Situated in the heart of Oxford, this restaurant offers a classic French menu with some worldly dishes presented in a modern twist, using fresh seasonal ingredients. With its selection of wines and cocktails, it's the perfect place for a leisurely lunch or dinner.

The Alice - Beaumont Street, The Randolph Hotel, Oxford, OX1 2LN This restaurant serves comforting seasonal British dishes with a contemporary twist. As an all-day British Brasserie, it's open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and afternoon tea.

Mid-Range Dining

Pierre Victoire - 9 Little Clarendon Street, Jericho, Oxford, OX1 2HP The owners of this French restaurant aimed to create a space where people can enjoy traditional French food in an informal environment. The menus follow the seasons and use locally sourced ingredients. From set menus to rustic charm, this restaurant is perfect for any occasion.

C.R.A.F.T Burger - 1 The Parade, Windmill Road, Oxford, OX3 7BL Known for its American-inspired burgers and a selection of quality local craft beers, this eatery offers mouthwatering beef burgers made from high-quality meat with just the right amount of seasoning.

The Porterhouse Grill & Rooms - 68-69 Mill Street, Oxford, OX2 0AL A short walk from Oxford railway station, this steakhouse sources its meat from Smithfield Market, dry aging it for up to 42 days before being hand butchered and grilled over local charcoal to produce delicious steaks. They also offer rooms and a great wine selection.

Eateries that won't break the bank:

Polish Kitchen - 96 Rose Hill, Oxford, OX4 1HX Bringing traditional Polish cuisine to Oxford, this eatery creates dishes with love, passion, tradition, and the highest quality ingredients, aiming to deliver joy and happiness with every bite.

Oxford Brunch Bar - 19 George Street, Oxford, OX1 2AU This small independent cafe does things its own way, focusing on nourishing and flavorful food. Their menu caters to everyone, addressing various dietary requirements.

The White Rabbit Oxford - 21 Friars Entry, Oxford, OX1 2BY A family-run independent pub passionate about beer, pizza, and great service. Their Roman-style pizzas are made from scratch with simple and authentic toppings, using ingredients imported from Italy every week. They also offer a selection of local ales and promote independent breweries.


Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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Oxford is well-known for its boat race between Oxford and Cambridge universities, which first started in 1829. This event takes place in London on the famous Champion Course in West London, stretching between Putney and Mortlake.

The city also hosts other sports, such as the Oxford United Football Club, which is the largest local football club. So, if you would like to kick about in the local park, get active in a leisure centre, or row a boat, there are plenty of opportunities for everyone to get fit, have fun, and meet new people.

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Cheap train tickets to Oxford
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Our Top Tips on How to Get Cheap Train Tickets for Your Trip to Oxford

There are various ways to cut down on your travel costs to Oxford and save money through the purchase of cheap train tickets.

  1. Plan ahead and book early: One of the easiest ways to get cheap train tickets is by planning ahead and getting Advance tickets. Booking your train tickets early can help you save money, with advance tickets becoming available up to 12 weeks before your journey.

  2. Use a railcard: Another easy way to maximise your savings on train tickets is to get a railcard. With a railcard, you could save up to a third on your cheap train tickets, and if you make a few train journeys, the railcard will pay for itself in no time. Did you know that Trainsplit now sells digital railcards? To see the railcards that we offer and the eligibility requirements, just click here.

  3. Consider an alternative route: Oxford is well-connected to other parts of the country. If you are not traveling from London, why not consider a route that doesn't go via London? For example, if you're travelling from Brighton to Reading, an alternative route could involve changing trains at Gatwick Airport and Reading. Using Trainsplit’s journey planner will search for alternative routes and could subsequently find you some cheap train tickets. The journey may take a little longer, and you may have to change trains, but the savings could be worth it.

  4. Split your tickets: With Trainsplit’s unique journey planner, we search for the best-priced train tickets for your journey. You can easily discover the best split ticketing combinations, through which you can buy some excellent-value cheap train tickets, and best of all, Trainsplit will do all the work for you.

  5. More than two people traveling together: Going as a group of friends or family? Take a look at GroupSave train tickets; these are a great way to get cheap train tickets for groups of 3 - 9 people.

  6. Travel at quieter times: Don’t need to travel so early in the morning? Why not travel off-peak? Travelling off-peak can make it easier to obtain cheap train tickets, and these trains can also be a lot quieter. Off-peak times usually start from around 09:30 onwards.

By using these tips along with Trainsplit's unique journey planner, searching for the best train ticket deals, now is the time to explore new destinations and maximise the savings on your train journeys.

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